Why upgrading my website?

Blog-WhyUpdate-1It is more than five years ago that I started my own Company. I did have the privilege working with quite a number of nice Companies and Partners with focus on making REACH & CLP work for Industry. Strategic Compliance issues have been tackled and practical trainings and solutions have been developed with and for Industry.

I believe in the added value of REACH & CLP as core EU Chemicals legislation. The better we can make it operational within Industry as reliable source of substance information and safe use communication in the Supply chain, the more reason we provide to legislators to abandon overlapping / conflicting chemical regulatory requirements from other (National) legislation.

I experience that upstream REACH is operational in many Companies and the struggles has shifted further in the Supply Chain (e.g. the formulators) or in relation with other chemicals legislation (e.g. OSH).

I experience that I can still support Companies & Industry Sectors with strategic and practical REACH & CLP Compliance solutions and related Chemical Regulatory Compliance (CRC) Issues.

In many cases I see that a very practical solution developed for one Company would be great to be offered to similar kind of Companies too.

And that is why I have upgraded my website!

  • I believe in mindset, so a clear vision and mission is included.
  • I want to provide you with helpful ready to use information, so the complete REACH & CLP Section is updated.
  • I want to share the good lessons learnt with other Companies, so the project references are updated,
  • I want to share the ready to use solutions, so a tools section is included.
  • I want to exchange practical ideas more directly with you, so a Blog is started.
  • I want to be available when you experience Chemical Regulatory Compliance issues in general.
  • Finally the website has been built in the most modern technical environment, allowing you to check the website on any (mobile) device.

Please let me know your feedback by leaving a comment below.

To be continued..