The seven advantages of REACH and CLP as core EU Chemicals Legislation for Industry

Blog-advantages-1Let’s make REACH & CLP work for Industry was a slogan in the beginning of REACH that is still very valid. In comparison with the old situation, we listed the seven main advantages of REACH & CLP for Industry.

  1. The products placed on the EU Market are much better defined.
  2. Companies have upgraded their internal chemicals management systems and verification of the safe use information on site.Industry had to revisit their product portfolio of purchased raw materials and products placed on the market to check the product definition (substance, polymer, mixture and article) and what substances were included. In many industry sectors differences in product identification has been aligned and more reliable substance identification is available for the products on the EU Market.
  3. The Registration (maintenance) process by Industry should result in more complete, reliable and harmonised substance data and reliable derived exposure limits (DNEL/PNECS) per substance placed on the EU Market.
  4. The Extended Safety Data Sheet (ext-SDS) aligned to the Registration data will provide more complete and reliable substance data in the Supply Chain.
  5. The REACH system requires action from the downstream user receiving and ext-SDS too. This will result in upstream communication that will improve the ext-SDS’s in time.The more Industry takes responsibility in improving the quality of the registration dossiers and (ext-) SDS’s in response to supply chain needs, the better the REACH & CLP system will form the core of the EU Chemicals legislation.
  6. REACH and CLP are EU Regulations directly in force in all EU Member States. This allows Industry to organize their chemical compliance activities on EU Level and should allow the same level playing field over all EU Member States.
  7. When the REACH system with up- and downstream user communication in the supply chain will work, Industry has better reasons to challenge overlapping / conflicting Chemical Regulatory Compliance requirements from other (National) Chemicals legislation.

In a next Blog we will propose the challenges we see in making REACH & CLP work for Industry.

But if you have comments or you like to add another advantage of making REACH & CLP work for Industry please add your comment below.

To be continued..

Onno Jongerius